Experimental Terra'ism

by TheaTerRa

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(free) 03:29


like a sonic sketchbook this collection of unmastered songs, recorded as solo vocal compositions and instrumental collaborations, gives a multi-versed glimpse into the lyrical and musical mind of Michaelangelo


released January 1, 2010

all songs written, arranged, performed and recorded by Michaelangelo
featuring the talents of Kopi Pod, Benny Langfur, Yaquelin Laport, Liran Kehat, & Aslan Rife



all rights reserved


TheaTerRa San Francisco, California

Conditioning an ambiance of insight, this high energy, whimsical, psychedelic folk ensemble specializes in mythopoetic storytunes.

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Track Name: Inuit
i knew it
he's an inuit
an eskimo intuit
he's intuit-if you're intuit too
he's into it three
and he lives in an igloo

he speaks to break the ice
what he said was very nice

his breathe is icy cold
you can see what you are told
his breathe comes out like smoke
when he spoke

its condensating
not condescending
his breathe is ending
and its sticking to the walls
and the walls are closing in
now we're starting to dig in
now we're starting to begin

the very thing thats keeping him alive
is the cause, the cause of his demise

all the caps are melting down
so he wears a furry gown
seal slippers too
he'll go clubbing with you
Track Name: Ectoplasm
ectoplasm, egospasm
phantom secretion
fantaSea creature, you are!

and in the middle of the room
you could sense a certain sense of doom
you sat there glumly sulking
in a dim-lit wombish tomb

ectoplasm, egospasm
phantom secretion
fantaSea creature, you are!

it took a lifetime to destroy you
to employ you in the land of the dead
it took a longtime to explore you
now i implore you to get out of your head

ectoplasm, egospasm
phantom secretion
fantaSea creature, you are!

they made a movie of the sky/this guy
and we were starring, trailing by
we made a comet cameo
that's how we rode in the rodeo
Track Name: the Astral Ancestral
Manic the pranic atomic toils at the top of my lungs
trans(e)mitting diving daemonics from the tip of my tongue
merging with the skies harmonics to edify this song
the waking of the world has begun

I'm not crazy
i'm well-with-in-sane
at home in the universe
rehearse reverse
at home in the universe
inverse in verse

the universe is my pillOwe
it's where I rest my head
it's an expAnsive place to live
and sometimes I'm contracted to believe
i best believin' it a loan
(i best be leavin it alone)
((i best believe in it alone))

a tone atone

b1 b4 b1 b4
you've been one before
you'll be one once more

it won't be long
it won't belong
it won't belong to anyone

21 21 21 21

now is so here
of the past there is no trace
as we sculpt the future
out of time and into space
erase all boundaries and thought outline
line up
line in
let's begin what's already been
going on
no end to the endless
the beginning is gone
Track Name: Virus
The virus of separation
gradually took effect
at first
an energetic fluctuation
an ebb and a flow
an identical relation
where both are in the know
but when the word was spoken
relation was relayed
by a symbolical token
that duality displayed

poison in small doses
can function as a cure
so anecdotal antidotes
can strive to keep us pure

the hair of the dog that bit you
plucked from the goddess' tale
the bark of the tree of knowledge
put unity on sale

sticks and stones may break my bones
but words will make me ill
to illustrate my sickness
and liberate my will
Track Name: Heartly There
I see you there
these fleeting moments
lay your ambitions and potentials bare
in such a way that you're heartly there
the likes of you with love to spare

where i end, you begin
the mystery unmapped within

we ride is silence
in the present, tense
to melt down in water-worlds
a stagnant emotion
i see you sitting then, here and now
your eyes softly scanning the surroundings
timidly asking for permission to draw yourself from them
and I, withdrawn, inspect my expectations

I see you there
these fleeting moments
lay your ambitions and potentials bare
in such a way that you're heartly there
the likes of you with love to spare
Track Name: Magic Words
every word that is spoken
is a magical token
a gospel wishing well
a godspell:
cast creative incantation
(your creation)
a magical invocation
of manifest destiny

have you seen what you have heard?
have you heard the magic words?

as i speak so i create
and my speech loops figure 8s

the world is in
the verb is spin
the word is out:
the whirled world is spun
(the world, whirled, is pun)
when spoke out loud

the name is bond
(the) word is bond
i am a man of my word
Track Name: sound'n'sane
This synesthetic aesthetic
is downright tele-pathetic

What's your language?
watch your language!

see what I'm saying?
see what is mean?
see what I'm seeing?
This is what you'll glean:

Sound 'n' sane
Soundin' sane
sound insane!

what is happening to it?

(elf chatter)

life is simple
light is symbols
to lie is sinful
Track Name: riverb(endtime)
brother ban(ne)d
river bend time

bend time mend time spend time end time in time

to finalize infinity
unify the trinity
shine fourth our divinity!

In synch with the river
Dont sink in the river
Think like the river
sing with the river

with the dreamers and streamers
and the dreamers at the bottom
dreamer! streamer!

shhh... shhh... they're sleeping on the riverbed
wrapped their dreams in sleeping bags
to float downstream to sea, to dream

the dream is in the stream
and the dream is at the bottom

the dream is at the bottom
with the coral in the water
like son without a father
or a son without a mother
or a sister or a brother
the dreamers are asleep
and they're waking up each other
and they're opening their eyes
to the earth and the skies
and they're opening their eyes
to the earth in disguise

the stream is passing over
with streamers striving further
they're moving to the ocean
with their infinite devotion
for the rapid fractal motions
and they're casting their spells
they're drinking magic potions
where they're going they can't tell
but their bodies are in motion
and their bodies are an ocean
an ocean in motion
a ocean, emotion
a notion, emotion
emotional notions

the dreamers are asleep
they're gazing in the deep
at the bottom of the ground
when theres no one else around

They drown the finite of their soul
to view the mind as a whole
they drown the finite of their soul
to view the mind as a hole

dreamers streaming with the mind at the bottom
dreaming the stream
with the mind
at the bottom
Track Name: telepaphone 1.0
lyrics are available in the 'live at the convent' album
Track Name: harpSealChoir
in the astral arctic
penguins pollenate
hovering like hummingbirds
the flowerlike cores
of stars