Strange Communication

from by TheaTerRa

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between reality and fantasy the world enlivens, turned inside out like sleight of hand, and inter-dimensional contact is made, the structure of infinity is activated within...



mermaids of the stream
beckon me to dream
alongside them to sea
to lay my body down on their riverbed
I cannot make such commit-amends

their aquatic fantasy
mesmerizes me
beyond reality
and I can't even tell
am I alive or am I dead?
I cannot stand such indifference...

everything is turning in2
everything is turning in
everything is turning in2
everything is turning in
everything is turning in2
everything else
everything swells

everything is growing, glowing and knowing of me
everything is growing, glowing and flowing to sea/see
what will become of what we have been
and what we are yet to be
it started with you
passed onto me
branches in2
infinite possibility

they radiate in-formation (formations!)
through immaculate vibrations (vibrations!)
such strange communication
manipulates sensations
viral simulations of the divine imagination

they made you Up
and brought you down
they filled your cup
and flood your crown
beyond their web's geometry
they flow their ebbs
and plant a seed

the flower of life
encompassed me
mycelial infinity
that beamed me up and set me free
deepArting thus, de-liberate-ly
I could never paint infinity
it would take 4 years
or maybe 3

a world of human invention (invention!)
praying for divine intervention (intervention!)
guided by intension
through alien dimensions
between now and never
in suspension

everything is growing and glowing, flowing and showing
how it's going out of style, here for just a little while
dig in while it lasts, if it's not moving too fast
or watch it streaming past, flowing home at last
flowing back to sea, beautifully
a beauty flood overflowing god, flooded, drenched in bliss
make your final wishes, view your final visions, sleeping with the fishes

sleeping with fishes and never making decisions
so superstitious but they're so goddamn delicious

now it's back to mediocrity
'cause we faced our own insanity
and amidst the raving lunacy
became heroes of our own mythology


from MakeBelief, released April 28, 2012



all rights reserved


TheaTerRa San Francisco, California

Conditioning an ambiance of insight, this high energy, whimsical, psychedelic folk ensemble specializes in mythopoetic storytunes.

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