by TheaTerRa

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released April 28, 2012

the players:

Michaelangelo - lead vox, tonedrum, djembe
Brian Byrnes - guitar, piano, gold vox
Gabriel Goldberg - percussion, bg vox
Leo Suarez - cello
Steven Child - gangstar vox, glock, bowl, bow, jawharp, vibratone, deebs, dings & tings
Alex Weston - trombone, bg vox
Aaron Goldsmith - bass guitaron, bass harmonica

Shannon Harney - fem vox
Charith Premawardana - viola

on 'InStillWonder'
Michaelangelo - didg, hooves, bells, radio, creature choirs, vocal beatbox/loop (ft. metrognomes)
Gabriel Goldberg - crystal bowl, hang drum
Dan Hansen - tripple-reeded root flute
Ruben van den Broeck - soliloquy
Hummingbirds - redemption

produced by Michaelangelo and Jeremy R. Harris
recorded, mixed and mastered by Jeremy R. Harris
(except InStillWonder, recorded and mixed by M'angelo)

all songs were ideally composed and arranged by Michaelangelo

all actuality realized by M’angelo, Byrnes, Goldberg, Child,
Suarez, Goldsmith, and Weston.

recorded in the chapel of The Convent, San Francisco, CA
and at the Red Barn at Trout Gulch, Aptos, CA.
Mixed and Mastered at Orange Midnight in Petaluma, CA

Thanks to: all the players for their priceless support, time and musical insights; all the plant teachers and MetroGnomes, Terrestrial Extras, elementary elementals and allies that have fueled my inspiration; my mother Thea, my father Robert, my sisters and little Zarah; Eli(zabeth) 'Betsy' Gunn our very own kitchen witch fueling us with magical sustenance; my consigliere, Jando, for his valuable advice; Mikey Latronica, Michael Warren Grant and the entire cast of the Convent; Yuba; The dwarves: Benny Langfur, Michael Carrera, Jacob Landry, and James Frost Winn (who picked the title out of the air around the same time as I did, many miles away); and for all your support, connections, and imaginations: Jeff Cravath, Dustin Edwards, Brodie Sullivan, Nasser & Jonah & Sam, Gabriella Molina, Jojo V., Casey Lee Thorne, Kent Osborne, Kayla Bouldin, Kopi & Hala, Crystal Allen, Piper Josephine, Matan, Ricky Reverent of the River, Laura 'Metagasm' Weyl, Magenta, Keith, Kim, and Mateya Shuster, Jen, Michael, and Royce; and the countless unnamed.



all rights reserved


TheaTerRa San Francisco, California

Conditioning an ambiance of insight, this high energy, whimsical, psychedelic folk ensemble specializes in mythopoetic storytunes.

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Track Name: Internity
Give us language to express
the timing of the endlessness

Give is language to impress
our forms upon the emptiness

as interns of eternity
in turn we shall eternal be

the key to life is laughter
at the world turned upside down
or inside out if possible
though onlookers may frown.
I'm sure you wouldn't care
about trivia like that,
after all you've seen a cat
pull a magician from a hat.
As real as anything may seem
such visions aren't fake;
once we thought the world was flat
but it's round like a pancake...
we laugh for goodness sake
Track Name: Plant Teacher

this fly
this fly
tracing circles in the sky
today he flies around
tomorrow he may die
oh me! oh my!
how a mortal man could cry
for a fly's demise
brings tears to my eyes...

mmm, what's that scent?
something smells so sweet
could it be? yes it is!
it's my guru's feet!

Master! I couldn't help but notice
your feet are shaped like lotus flowers
i've been listening for hours
to you speak
what a treat
to sit here at your feet
if I had it my way
I would put you on repeat

pada pada pada

master, you said that you could teach me to be free
but nobody can teach me what it is to be me
no lifeguard on duty
no bound'ries in beauty
if I had it my way
if i had it my way...
Track Name: Buried in the Sand

Now you know
what it's like
to have toes
buried in the sand
all the mysteries at hand
but where's your hands?
they're making patterns in the sand
that your mind cannot properly understand
you're a man
with the world at his command
a pharao
won't you let you people go?

I won't let my people go
we're getting ready for the show-down

the land on which you land
is a treasure made of sand
yes, a treasure made of sand
what a worthless, priceless treasure!
what is the measure of the treasure?
the measure of the treasure is mind
leave it all behind...

You're a hieroglyphics man
Huh?! what?!
you should prob'ly understand

You're a hieroglyphics man
what?! Yeh..
you should prob'ly understand
what the mountain has to say
current channels on display

let's display them here today

Now you know
what it's like
to have toes
buried in the sand
all the mysteries at hand
but where's your hands?
they're making patterns in the sand
that your mind cannot properly understand
you're a man
with the world at his command
a pharao
won't you let your people go...
Track Name: Strange Communication

mermaids of the stream
beckon me to dream
alongside them to sea
to lay my body down on their riverbed
I cannot make such commit-amends

their aquatic fantasy
mesmerizes me
beyond reality
and I can't even tell
am I alive or am I dead?
I cannot stand such indifference...

everything is turning in2
everything is turning in
everything is turning in2
everything is turning in
everything is turning in2
everything else
everything swells

everything is growing, glowing and knowing of me
everything is growing, glowing and flowing to sea/see
what will become of what we have been
and what we are yet to be
it started with you
passed onto me
branches in2
infinite possibility

they radiate in-formation (formations!)
through immaculate vibrations (vibrations!)
such strange communication
manipulates sensations
viral simulations of the divine imagination

they made you Up
and brought you down
they filled your cup
and flood your crown
beyond their web's geometry
they flow their ebbs
and plant a seed

the flower of life
encompassed me
mycelial infinity
that beamed me up and set me free
deepArting thus, de-liberate-ly
I could never paint infinity
it would take 4 years
or maybe 3

a world of human invention (invention!)
praying for divine intervention (intervention!)
guided by intension
through alien dimensions
between now and never
in suspension

everything is growing and glowing, flowing and showing
how it's going out of style, here for just a little while
dig in while it lasts, if it's not moving too fast
or watch it streaming past, flowing home at last
flowing back to sea, beautifully
a beauty flood overflowing god, flooded, drenched in bliss
make your final wishes, view your final visions, sleeping with the fishes

sleeping with fishes and never making decisions
so superstitious but they're so goddamn delicious

now it's back to mediocrity
'cause we faced our own insanity
and amidst the raving lunacy
became heroes of our own mythology
Track Name: In-effect-if (premonitions)

If my premonitions are correct
the divine design is
in-effect-if my premonitions are

if my premonitions are correct the divine design is
in effect IF my premonitions ARE correct
the divine design is ineffective

If my premonitions ARE correct
my premonitions are the divined design
If my premonitions are correct
then we are all a display of the divined design

I see you there
these fleeting moments
lay your ambitions and potential bare
in such a way that you're heartly there
the likes of you
with love to spare
Track Name: Telepaphone

My phony questions are answered by no phone
and if you want to reach me you best phone h'ommmm
'cause the phones are getting smaller
and the tales are getting taller
soon for what it's worth
chips implanted at our birth
yes, implanted in our brains
all reception will be human
no more batteries to drain
we will finally be true men again

do you want me?
just think of me
you'll be instantly connected
no more voicemail
no more mailbox
no more calls to be rejected

My cell-phone is ringing off the hook
I've a strong sense of cellphone
and my mind's a cell-phonebook
I've got cellular awareness
and can't help but let you through
because everything's connected
as of old, so as of new

send a message on the wind
to my locational vibrations
and my sylphone with deliver
your immaculate sensations

If you can't reach me at home
reach me by telepaphone

All is back to paranormal
and you can't ignore my call
'cause ignorance outdated
when we reversed the fall
Track Name: In-a/scent Fragrances

Nothing is betta
than sitting with Meta
plenty of sunshine
for passing a lifetime
while mr. mother-fucker
keeps talking away, a ways away
but Meta and I only hear what he doesn't say

Now I'm walking with Meta
smoking her cigarette-ahhhh
watching the whole world
unfurled in a smoke-swirl

Now we come to our senses
while the flower entrances
us with-in-a/scent fragrances
now it's back to saint Francis
to the city at bay
to talk to the animals
and hear what they have to say

They say "you couldn't be psychotic
the very thought is idiotic
you've got a gift
you play upon a rift
like a riff in a song
and the whole world plays along"

Don't stare into the sun, direct
it's best if you the light deflect
reflected in another's eyes
you know the reason for the whys

All knowledge of the sunlit well's
contained within a flower's smell
I'll pick the flowers for your hair
like sun-drenched eyes that, scented, stare

She drowned in the waters where the mystic swims
So now we stay safely on the surface of things

She drowned in the waters where the mystic swims
but who know what tomorrow brings...

she drowned in the waters
on the surface of things
Track Name: No Such Thing

Look here
There's nothing here
we can make things disappear
and reappear at will:
There's nothing here now still
Hear.. now.. still, here now..

'twas 8
and now it's 10
so now and then
and then again
there's no time left to fear
just watch it, bliss, appear!

Look here
There's nothing here
we can make things disappear
and reappear at will:
There's nothing here now still
Hear.. now.. still, here now..

there's no such thing as time
but it rolls in with the tides
lives are on the line
turning daylight into night

there's no such thing as change
but our lives are rearranged
nearly every day
we play games to stay the same

there's no such thing as space
all the lines have been erased
leaving only love in place
of the obstacles we faced

no such thing
there's no such thing

still here now

Look here
There's nothing here
we can make things disappear
and reappear at will:
There's nothing here now still
Hear.. now.. still here now..